Using Audio Files in the Classroom
Lesson combining Voice Thread with PicMonkey and Animoto for Trumpet of the Swan

Introduction to Benjamin Franklin electricity and Ben and Me unit (below)

Podcasting Podcast by me explaining how I plan to use audio files in my classroom.

For my Voice Thread example above, I used photos that I uploaded and edited using Picnik, which has since ceased to exist. The new online picture editor of choice is called Picmonkey, it works the same as Picnik- it lets you upload and edit photos to use in other online publication programs such as Voice Thread. I created the audio for my Voice Thread using Audacity, but then found out that it is just easier to record and save right in Voice Thread, there is really no need to upload from Audacity.
I created a catchy introduction to my novel study of Ben and Me and I included a science focus on electricity using Voice Thread. Voice Thread allows you to add audio to your photos, so you can create tutorials, presentations or projects. Using Voice Thread was pretty easy. My school district has a link to Voice Thread projects on our district resource page, so teachers can see what others are doing or the kids can compare and comment on other Voice Threads.
The podcasting link above shows what you can do with Audacity. It is a basic audio file that explains how a teacher can use audio files in the classroom.
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