Online Portfolio of Multimedia Projects
Welcome to Mrs. DiBattista's online portfolio of Multimedia projects. I have been busy learning many different programs and tools that I can use in my classroom to integrate content area subjects with modern technology.

First, let's explore Animoto as a video tool to use in the classroom:

Here is an example of how I can use Animoto in the classroom. Animoto is an online program that allows you to choose a background and song, upload photographs to create a short video. Animoto has a free educator license that is an upgrade from the free lite account that allows the teacher to add up to 50 students to the account and it is all free. I plan to use Animoto to create presentations to use during instruction as well as to teach kids how to create short videos. It is easy to use and the final products come out awesome. It embedded into the wiki with no problems. Animoto also stores your work and allows to return as often as you would like to edit your videos or to create new ones. There are many built in share features on Animoto also.

Online tutorials for students to learn how to use Animoto:

This is the first time I've ever used Animoto, I was familiar with Movie Maker and Power Point, but I like Animoto better. Check out the Power Points to see how much better Animoto is! Power Point using Author Stream I also never edited pictures before, so I really enjoyed using Picnik and Picmonkey to make my photographs or the ones I found on Flickr more applealing. One area that I ran into a bit of trouble with was my upgraded Animoto account. They offer a free basic account and then a free upgrade for teachers with more features and the opportunity to create student accounts. While creating the student accounts, I just ran out of steam. For each account you need to type in a false gmail account and password, which is just very time consuming and monotonous. I will finish creating the accounts before school starts again in Sept. but I am worried that the accounts are only good for 6 months and I will have to do it all again- Boo!

Benefits of e-portfolio Animoto video by Kellie
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